The Craving Mad 50 Giveaway

Time flies when you’re eating well. The 50th post will go live in one month, and I think that’s a milestone worth celebrating.

I decided to reboot Craving Mad roughly one year ago, and I’m excited to see that I’ve managed to keep it going this time around. It’s awesome to know that people are actually reading these posts, and maybe even trying out the recipes for themselves. I think now is the best time to usher in a new phase, and make the blog more interactive.

To celebrate the approaching milestone, I am going give away a signature spice blend to one lucky reader. Entering is easy; make sure to follow @craving_mad on Instagram, then tag your friends on your favorite post with #cravingmad50 to spread the word. I’ll randomly select a winner, and announce it on May 21st– the day the 50th post goes live. You could win your choice of one of these three signature blends:


Arabica: a coffee rub best with red meat, and pork

You could say that this is the blend that started it all, and I’m always trying to make it better. It’s a similar to the version used here–but it has some added dried chilies and other spices to round out the flavor. The coffee stands up well to high temperatures, and is best on the grill.



Caravan: a blend of dried herbs, and spices–best with poultry, and seafood

This is an experimental blend inspired by the silk road–it’s a fusion of “East” and “West” and is excellent in soups and stews.



Gunpowder: an aromatic, tea-based blend–best with chicken, pork, and seafood

This is a riff on Chinese 5-Spice with green tea for added complexity. It’s got a strong flavor, so you’ll only need to use a small amount as a finishing spice in stir fries.


I’ll announce the winner on Monday, May 21st along with the 50th post! Enter the giveaway, and help grow the Craving Mad network with three easy steps: followshare, and hashtag!


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