The Craving Mad “Chopped” Challenge

I’m looking for a new challenge this week.

Before I jumped on the streaming bandwagon, I almost exclusively turned on my TV for a few shows: The Walking Dead, anything by Anthony Bourdain, Game of Thrones, and…Chopped. It started to get popular right around the time that I started cooking for myself– perfect timing? In that spirit, I’m giving you the chance to pick the three main ingredients for next week’s post.

Make sure you’re following @craving_mad on instagram, then comment on this week’s post with three ingredients you want to see in the next meal (no lobster, caviar, or other impossible to find choices, please)! I’ll pick up the three most chosen items, and do my best to make something edible in one hour. Dani will be the judge.

To keep myself honest, I’ll even post updates on the process next week via @craving_mad–one way, or another.

Will I get chopped?

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