Roasted Carrot Soup

I hate to waste food– I always push to utilize everything we buy. This time, it was a bunch of carrots that were starting to go limp. They didn’t look great, but they were still carrots– it was just going to take extra work to get the flavors out.

Step one here is to char the carrots under the broiler. They were already pretty dehydrated, but this concentrated the flavor. Pro tip: let them come to room temperature first so that they char more evenly. Then, I pureed them with a little almond milk–but cream would also work well- and added it to a pot with some browned butter and sage.


Season it lightly, and serve it with some fried sage, and toasted black sesame. I was a little suspicious of this one before I tasted it; I had jaw surgery in high school, and am still a little averse to pureed foods (after sixteen days of FUN), but I would have been much more patient if my food was this good back then.

The best part? It’s too easy not to try it out…right now.

Let’s cook.

You’ll need:

2 lbs Carrots

1 Cup of (Un-sweetened) Almond Milk

3 Cloves of Garlic, minced

1 Sprig of Sage

1 Tbs Paprika

1 Tbs Turmeric

1 Tbs Onion Powder

1 Tsp Black Sesame Seeds

2 Tbs Butter

1 Tbs Cider Vinegar

Salt & Pepper to taste

  1. Set the oven to 425 degrees, then roast the carrots for five minutes. Place under the broiler for an additional minute to char, then cool. Puree the carrots with almond milk, salt, and pepper.
  2. Brown the butter in a medium pot, then add garlic, and sage. Remove the sage once fried, and save for later. Add the carrot puree to the butter, and stir well. Add cider vinegar, and spices. Taste once it begins to bubble, and adjust seasoning as needed.
  3. Serve with fried sage and sesame seeds.



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