Seafood Penne

And just like that– the people have spoken. I’ve been working out ways to make Craving Mad more interactive, and put this week’s meal up to a vote on Instagram (@craving_mad). It was pretty close, but this one won out after four days of polling.

Now, I learned that dried tomatoes go really well with seafood when I made this pesto last year, but I wanted try something a little different. I soaked them this time to soften them, and minced them up so that they’d form a quick sauce for some shrimp, and calamari. They are already pretty sour, so no need for extra lemon juice or acid this time…in fact I used browned butter to temper it.

It’s getting hot again, but on the plus side the herbs are growing really well. Fresh basil, and lemon thyme make this one memorable– despite its simplicity. The latter is especially fitting here, since it gives you a punch of citrus without pushing the tartness over the edge. You’d be right to assume that I’m throwing fresh herbs on everything nowadays… it was a pretty mild winter, but it’s awesome to have fresh things sprouting again.

Here’s to the dog days of summer.

Let’s cook.

You’ll need:

2 lb Shrimp/Calamari/Scallops

6 Cups Penne, cooked al dente

3 Cups Dried Tomatoes, soaked and minced

3 Cloves of Garlic, minced

2 Cups Spinach

1 Shallot, minced

2 Tbs Olive Oil

1 Tbs Butter

2 Sprigs of Lemon Thyme

2 Tbs Basil, minced

Salt & Pepper to taste

  1. Season the shrimp with salt, and pepper, then sear on medium-high heat. Remove from the pan, then lower the heat to medium.
  2. Brown the butter in the same pot, then add olive oil, shallot, garlic, and minced dried tomatoes. Stir until a loose sauce forms.
  3. Return seafood to the pot, and stir in fresh herbs. Taste for seasoning, and add the pre-cooked penne to the pot, and stir to coat. If possible, add about a tablespoon of the pasta water to the pot to help the sauce thicken.
  4. Add spinach, stir well, then remove from the heat.
  5. Plate and serve.



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