“Pro Amateur” Challenge

I’m a professional amateur, you’re a professional amateur…we’re all professional amateurs.

For this challenge, YOU get to do the cooking. Pick any of the dishes from the blog (or invent your own) and tag @craving_mad on Instagram by November 1st! I’m flipping the camera around this time– time for you to show off.

There have been a few people that have taken this challenge over the past few weeks, but most recently, I got a message on Instagram that was too good not to share. Thanks to @gellifromtheblock for this awesome interpretation of the Roasted Carrot Soup from way back in 2018:


I mean, down to the fried sage leaves, it’s perfect. Thanks again! I hope it tasted as awesome as it looked.


Are you making anything from the blog on your own? Tag @craving_mad!

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