Craving Mad began in 2013, when my girlfriend (now wife) and I wanted to figure out how to hack fine dining on a college kid’s budget. We started a (short-lived) blog about the restaurants we tried, and recommended them to our friends to give them a break from dining halls, Pizza Rolls, and of course, ramen noodles (the 25 cent kind, of course).

Eventually, I cancelled my meal plan, and started cooking all my own stuff. “Craving Mad” gave me a convenient reason to experiment with flavors, ingredients, cuisines, and share food.

I love food—I guess it isn’t a surprise, since I practically grew up in the kitchen, recruited as a prep cook for my mom and older sister growing up. I began cooking on my own to help out around the house, and it turned into a hobby. Once I started traveling—and eating—around the world, I wasn’t just hungry, I was craving mad.

I got a lot of inspiration from Anthony Bourdain, and Alton Brown– one for his ability to seamlessly sit down with anyone and find common ground around food, and the other because I am still a nerd at heart…but a cool one…right?

Since my day-to-day life is so science heavy, I like to improvise in the kitchen—and rely more on sight, smell and taste than traditional recipes. I’ll try to write-up some of the ingredient lists from dishes on the blog, and some basic instructions to get you started. Want a preview of what’s next? Follow @craving_mad on Instagram!

Let’s cook.