Hoisin Pork | Wilted Mustard Greens

I came up with this recipe last year when I was hungry, and had my usual assortment of random ingredients in the kitchen.  It’s another one of those overnight marinades that is well worth the extra prep time. I wanted to practice creating a balance of different flavors–sweet and savory from the hoisin sauce and…

Coriander Pork | Mushroom and Spinach Sautée | Balsamic Reduction

Ever since I started experimenting with “copy cat” recipes from some of the restaurants that I couldn’t afford in college, I realized that I could tolerate eating out less as long as my food looked, and tasted good enough. With lots of trial and error, I started to come up with a few dishes I could whip up when I wanted to make a big impression. 

Coffee-Rubbed Pork Loin | Spinach & Cannellini Bean Sautée | Balsamic Berry Coulis

Looking back, I think my first time I saw “coffee rub” on a menu, I was probably too young to actually drink coffee. Still, I have a feeling that my first bite (likely taken off of my sister’s plate) set off a web of new connections in my brain. That bite was a game-changer. Suddenly, nothing–and everything–made sense. Coffee, a dark drink for “grown ups” could somehow become part of dinner, no styrofoam cups in sight. What’s more–it was delicious.